Events for All


The gingerland house

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Looking to get out of the office? Mixing up the environment for a creative meeting? Or maybe just want to relieve stress from a rough quarterly push. We have the space for you. Not only do we have ideal off-site meeting space, but we also have a full bar space and cute animals who love to be fed. With our blank canvas - you can create the ideal working space to match your business model. 


Boy, does your staff work hard for your to keep your business thriving and running smoothly. Wouldn't it be nice to show them how much you appreciate it? Give them a little therapy on our 900 SQ FT covered porch with rolling hill country views with a cold cocktail in their hand from the indoor 500 SQ FT full bar. Allow your staff to let their hair down. From our experience - they will appreciate it - and work even harder for you and your goals. 


Tired of the same old venues? Same set up and process of a traditional fundraiser? Shock your gala guests and fundraiser attendees with an event that is more off the beaten path. Get out of the city and give your guests a night to remember. With over 5 areas to play with - your event will be a night they won't forget. 


LETS GET WEIRD! We are open to any type of event you can dream of. Anything can happen at Gingerland. Our minds and hearts are open. Lets see what creativity you can bring to this table. 


Whether you gather with your loved ones under our ceremony tree - at our pond - or on the front porch, we have various ideal locations on our property for the perfect hill country wedding. With an upstairs bridal suite area over looking the property and 3 acres of picturesque backgrounds around the restored farmhouse - we will help you create your fairy tale hill country wedding. 


From 4 to 40 - Gingerland is an ideal location to gather with your favorite friends to celebrate your existence. From feeding the friendly livestock to competing in yard games - we have various spaces to entertain your guests in celebration of life! Let's party - Like it's your birthday.


When was the last time your whole family gathered around to catch up on life that wasn't on the internet? We take away the screens and create an environment for your family to create history in our historical space. Let the cousins meet for the first time and give the grandparents moments of a lifetime! 


The Property


Allow our 59 acres to become your playscape.

Photography sessions

With a variety of picturesque backdrops, any photographer could really have a hay day on our land. We welcome opportunities for engagement photos, commercial shoots, and catalog shoots, family portraits, and truly anything you can dream up!

primitive Camping

We welcome primitive camping on week days and weekends that we do not have events. Come fish, swim, or just relax in the sun!

Donkeys Lucinda and Guerillmo keep a safe watch over our rowdy herd of goats. Our animals enjoy soft pats on the head and bottomless snacks. We welcome you to come feed them by hand - if you’re into that sort of thing.